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KAI LABEL was birthed in January of 2021 from an original idea formed back in 2009 by owner Tenisha Granville with the innate desire to create a fun, feminine and beautiful clothing brand for every kind of woman. With familial roots in Jamaica, but being born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Tenisha relocated to Texas in 2014 while enjoying a nearly 12-year career in hospital accreditation. Despite loving her job, KAI LABEL continued to be the dream that refused to leave her side. Considering the label a fun, creative outlet, she is excited to allow her imagination to take off, utilizing this venture to bring gorgeous women a luxury brand to make them feel as beautiful as they look.


“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.” - Coco Chanel

KAI LABEL was created with inner beauty in mind. Passionate about the notion of translating divine feminine beauty into something joyous and flattering, KAI is excited to bring a beautiful curation of women’s fashion to the women who deserve it.

We believe that beauty exists both inside and outside of us, therefore we chose the South African word “Kai” to represent us, for it translates simply to “beautiful.”


With curated pieces inspired by the feminine essence of womenkind, KAI aims to make every woman feel as beautiful within her skin as she looks, encouraging her to feel attractive beyond her reflection and instead due to the very fibers of her being. Whether it’s kindness, wit, knowledge or confidence, every woman deserves to feel the divine feminine elegance within themselves, and KAI is excited to help make this happen.

KAI LABEL features a mix of flowy, figure-hugging, and colorful designs that call on summertime, tropical vacations, and memorable nights with loved ones.

KAI’s goal is to recreate the confidence we all feel when we find the perfect outfit, not only through material things, but within ourselves. KAI is excited to partner with women organizations who’s aim is to build women up to their fullest potential.

At KAI, we hope to help you express yourself through our clothing, but above all, we want to help you look and feel as classy, confident, and beautiful as we know that you are in the inside.

She’s KAI, She’s Beautiful